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Tracy African American
Association, LLC


Grand Rising Members and Friends,

My name is Gwendolyn S. White, and it is a Privilege and an Honor to address the membership as the 2023-2025 President of The Tracy African American Association.  As we continue to grow, we find that growing involves change and change can create friction both positive and negative; However, it is through this friction that things begin to move and whether it moves up, down, around or out, determines the direction of the program. 

The Tracy African American Association continues to experience change that has and will determine its survival over the next couple of years.  Whenever an organization takes on a new panel of workers, there is an adjustment period that must take place and it is during this adjustment period that the infrastructure will either fall or if stable this infrastructure will flourish.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a forced change in the way we communicate, associate and digest the information both visual and audible, leaving nothing to the imagination, and little room for error.  This makes it imperative that all forms of interactions be transparent and sincere otherwise there will be an immediate backlash against the offending party whether or not it was intentional.  No longer can we make an assumption that all is well, and everyone is on board with the program.  The ability to see the expressions and the immediate responses of the audience forces us to check our delivery of information which in turn produces a faster mode of progress.  No longer can we put off answers to request due to down time or unpreparedness. The presence of social media forces us to provide swift accurate answers to any and all concerns and since we have the ability to retrieve information on the spot we are forced to prepare and account for the dissemination of information and if incorrect, suffer the consequences, just ask (Tully). 

My previous position as the Vice President of the Tracy African American Association softened the transition to the incoming presidential position because it allowed me to pick up and run with the ideas and plans that were partially in place and by providing the guidance and support which may have been overlooked because of the different focal point.  This transition keeps the organization moving in the direction towards progress without having to digress while the newly elected panel makes their necessary adjustments.

As we plan for the events ahead with the milestone of 30 years in the horizons, I predict smooth sailing because we know the roads with their twists and turns and their conditions because we’ve been here before, in fact we’ve been here over 25 times with the regular turnover of officers in their various positions, each one bringing into the organization at least one new progressive idea which, when put into place helps to maintain the momentum created by the outgoing members.

We have a lot of work to do maintain that momentum, but I am confident we will reach and surpass the expectations of our cohorts.

Projects such as securing a permanent place in the Historical Museum are already underway.  Sorting through the mounds of accumulated literature provides community service hours and first-hand information for our students who in turn are providing a needed service to the organization, who otherwise could not provide the manpower without taxing the already overworked membership.  We not only serve the Youth in the schools, but we provide assistance to the community, which includes the seniors, the homeless, the abused and any and all who solicit our services.  Somehow, we seem to have forgotten that knowledge. We also make a concerted effort to lend a hand in the guidance of young adults who are transitioning from college life to real life with all its ups and downs.  My pledge as your appointed leader is to get the membership back into the community, back to the seniors, back to the young adults, and back to the homeless population which continue to grow at an alarming rate, because they all need our help support.  We need to remind them that we are here and available for those who want and need our assistance. We will make our presence known by being more visible, in the community and more aggressive in our efforts to provide services through partnerships or direct care to those in need.  I also plan is to find those members who use to serve with us and reassure them that the TAAA mission has not changed, and we continue to work towards upholding the vision of the founding members. 

Our partnership with the Democratic Organization provides us with a physical place to meet and greet on a regular basis while continuing to provide social media access such as “Zoom”,  for those who choose to continue social distancing, thus providing the ability to widen our membership potential and giving the membership more choices, which leads to heightened participation and satisfaction, which is my number 1 goal.

I want to again thank everyone who voted for me, hopefully seeing my potential as I see my vision for this great organization. I am truly grateful and honored and pledge to continue to promote and support the efforts of the Tracy African American Association as we work together to increase our presence in the community through the promotion of Educational, Social, Cultural and Historical opportunities over the next two years.  The baton has been passed we are on the move, and I invite all interested persons to join me and my team as we take this organization to a higher level.

May You All Be Blessed,   

Gwendolyn S. White

President: Tracy African American Association


TRACY AFRICAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION, LLC  is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

P.O. Box 62, Tracy, CA 95378

209.249.6644 VM

Gwendolyn S. White, President

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